Thom Chiovoloni

Game Developer

Work Experience

Game Programmer, Muzzy Lane

Web Application Developer, UConn Office for Sponsored Projects

  • Responsible for the creation of specialized internal web applications.
  • Applications were written mainly in JavaScript, but used ColdFusion and Oracle SQL, or PHP and MySQL for the backend.

Assistant Technician and Research Assistant, UConn Center for Clean Energy Engineering (C2E2)

  • Assembled labratory equipment (fume hoods, test stations, etc).
  • Performed a most of the IT work around the center including website maintenance, software updates, server administration, network troubleshooting, etc..


Lead Engineer for Practice Spanish: Study Abroad (Online demo)

Lead Engineer for Practice Medical Office (Online demo)

Lead Engineer for Practice Spanish Mini-Games (Online demo)

Other work, mostly side projects and jam games, can be found on my portfolio.